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Standalone DayZ Release Date Almost Announced

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Standalone DayZ Release Date Almost Announced

Post  Rhemsis on Sun Feb 17, 2013 3:37 pm

Dean Hall Confirms April Time Frame for DayZ Release Date on reddit

The DayZ release date is almost upon us it seems. While many have speculated an April-ish time frame based on previous comments, DayZ creator Dean Hall pretty much confirmed it in a reddit AMA session. Dean Hall was pretty vocal in his comments regarding The War Z a few days ago (which we reported here) and seems to have carried over that candor to questions from the DayZ fan base.

Hall speculated that the DayZ release date would be before April “but anything could happen and usually does. We’ll know more when the results of the tech test are out. Any dates before then would be pure speculation, and my last speculation didn’t work out so good.”

Hall went on to explain that even after release the game would have a steady stream of updates, will have some unannounced surprises throughout its first year, and that test periods would begin soon…but don’t expect them to be pretty:

“We’re down to the last few things to fix before the first test servers pop online and we run the first full servers. Slowly we’ll hand out the first keys and get a few servers running. Then we will reassess. It could go really well and we open up quickly, or it could go badly. Don’t expect the tech test to be fun, or very pretty. It’s a tech test, any game design that makes it into that will be a bonus.”

While this is great news for those of us eagerly awaiting the title, the AMA also held a few interesting tidbits fans may be curious about:

-A Western City map is being considered post launch
-Since implementing clothing for each body part, numerous styles will be available
-The Ragdoll system previously discussed will not be included initially
-Base construction and other “endgame activities” for those that survive long enough are being considered as future enhancements.

So we may not have an EXACT DayZ release date but it seems like we’re much closer than many anticipated to at least getting a chance to test the game out. Are you still excited for a stand alone release?

If you want to find out more about the DayZ release date and other details, check out the reddit post here.


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