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What's the best portable gaming system?

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What's the best portable gaming system? Empty What's the best portable gaming system?

Post  Samson089 on Fri Jan 25, 2013 5:35 pm

Just like choosing which home console to buy, this is a decision that needs to be made on a personal level, depending on what exactly your budget and preferences are.

Whether it's an Android device, iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, the options for gaming on-the-go are seemingly endless. Best of all, most of these devices satisfy the crucial "all-in-one" label that so many products seek to capture. It's tough to argue that anyone should carry around a separate gaming-focused device in addition to one of these.

However, I--and most core gamers--agree that the full potential of gaming cannot be unlocked by simple touch, swipe, and flicking gestures. Please don't read that as a jab at the insanely talented developers who pour their hearts and souls into these titles. The truth is these types of games are on a different level than standalone 3DS and Vita games. That level is one of a more casual experience.

Sure, it stumbled right out of the gate, but Nintendo's portable 3D machine has found its legs and is actually off to a better start than the original DS--which is the best-selling handheld console of all time.

Aside from a glasses-less 3D display, not a whole lot has changed since the DS. The graphics are definitely better, but I've yet to see them make the same jump that other systems have been able to do. The 3DS still relies on a stylus, too, which has become somewhat of a relic in every other tech medium. It's certainly the best way to interact with the 3DS' resistive touch screen, but to some gamers it's a turnoff. In terms of graphics, the 3DS can't contend with the Vita or some high-end iOS games.

February 2012 marks the release of the Sony PlayStation Vita, the company's follow-up to the PSP. It boasts a huge 5-inch OLED touch screen and rear touch panel, two analog thumb sticks, and an impressive list of launch titles.

Priced at $250 for the entry-level Wi-Fi only system, the Vita also comes with a hidden cost. Players must purchase a Vita Memory Card for access to most of the games and applications available for the system. While I really wish this was included in the box from the start, Sony has packed the card in a limited run of First Edition Bundles and the initial run of 3G units.

Games for the Vita are the most expensive among any portable gaming option. Standalone titles range in price from $30 to $50 (though most are priced at $40), and download-only titles go from about $10 to $15. All first-party Vita games and most third-party titles can also be downloaded from the PlayStation Store--sometimes at a discount.

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What's the best portable gaming system? Mob-sa20

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