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The Reasons Why PS3 Is The Best Console In Gaming History

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The Reasons Why PS3 Is The Best Console In Gaming History Empty The Reasons Why PS3 Is The Best Console In Gaming History

Post  Rhemsis on Fri Jan 18, 2013 10:04 pm

The Reasons Why PS3 Is The Best Console In Gaming History Ps3heavy1

Stay with me…

I’ve been there. I’ve been there when Gameboy was the the portable console of choice and Nintendo was ubiquitous in living rooms. Let’s take it further, and stay with me… I was there when Atari ruled the day, and those days were fun. Game Gear was amazing, battery-sucking but amazing. Sega Genesis was untouchable (Rocket Knight Adventures, anyone?), Super Nintendo, Atari Jaguar, PSone, PS2 – and more. These consoles are the reasons why I’d pay extra cash for some remakes. But I’ve been pondering this for a bit. I’ve been thinking of past generations compared to this one, the seventh, and I’ve been asking myself which generation brought me the most fun. Which generation kept me hooked the most – when was I most involved in gaming? Then I analysed the consoles of each generation and asked myself, which console brought the complete package, and when was such a console realized? After thinking hard on this, really hard, I decided PS3 is the best console in gaming history.

You’re with me? Good… Here Are The Reasons Why…

The exclusives. There’s not one console on the market currently that even comes close to PS3 in the exclusives department. But what about past consoles? Didn’t PS2 have the biggest games library of all time? Yes, that’s true, but the quality of exclusive games that’s on PS3 is second to none. They’re also some of the highest rated and have helped revolutionize gaming. In fact, PS3 boasts the biggest first-party games library to date. It’s so diverse you’d lose focus trying to name them all:

LittleBigPlanet – platformer revolutionized

Uncharted – Third-person shooter taken to another level

inFamous – Open World redefined

Resistance 2 – first console game to boast 30vs30 multiplayer action

Heavy Rain – Created its own genre


Killzone 2 – first-person shooter on a level its own

And these titles are just scratching the service: God of War 3, Motorstorm Apocalypse, GT5, SOCOM and so much more. It’s not even a question, when it comes to games, PS3 rules. Period.

The hardware: Under the hood: People always speak about the negatives of Sony releasing PS3 one year later than Xbox 360, but there are many positives that came with the move, one of them being the PS3′s power – it’s the most powerful videogame console, ever. Because of it, PS3 exclusives are the most impressive games to grace this generation. They’re the most advanced visually, and also performs better than the rest. As of now, Killzone 3 is arguably the best looking game on consoles.

Online Gaming: PSN: Now, let’s be honest. PSN has nothing on Xbox Live – but that’s another story. The PS3 was Sony’s first console to embrace online gaming, and compared to Microsoft’s flagship service, you won’t have to pay-to-play on the PlayStation Network. From big name games like Call of Duty, to racing simulators like Gran Turismo 5, PSN offers the most diverse library of games to enjoy online. And it’s free!

All that other stuff:

Apart from being a gaming machine, PS3 is everything else. It’s true, the console only does everything. From playing Blu-Ray to helping find a cure for cancer, PS3 does it all. Netflix is on there, Hulu and more services incoming, Sony made sure it packed the black box with enough technology to be able to stand the test of time. They’ve accomplished that.

And so it may not be the bestselling console this generation, and may end up in last place, but none of what held the PS3 back is able to deny the console the crown it so duly deserve.

The next generation is upon us, and yet another battle will be raged between the big three. What will PS4 be like? We have no idea. We do know one thing, however, and that’s whatever it will be like, PS3 will be the console to beat.

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